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Henry Garrou

Guitar, Vocals

Born in the mountains of North Carolina, I found my way to Onward over time. Just out of high school, I was a member of "the Mortals" (aka, "the Presence") from 1987 -1992. We gigged often, practiced daily, recorded two albums, and even once had the opportunity to precede Tom Cochrane and Bad Company on the Holy Water Tour, 1991.

I put the guitar down from 1998 until 2017, when I met Rudy Gabrielson and was inspired by his musical obsession. After scoring Orson Welles' Dracula as a live radio show, we wrote and performed the score of "Alice - An Original Musical" along with Chuck Prinn and Wendy Cody during the same time ONWARD coalesced into a real band.

ONWARD is a chance for me to let my insides out for short periods of time between long workdays. I'm looking forward to growing old along-side my bandmates. I am forever young, dumb, and eager to strum. ONWARD!

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