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Rudy Gabrielson

Keyboard, Harmonica, Dulcimer, and more...

Hard to believe, but I’ve been playing music for over 50 years starting with my first piano recital in 2nd grade.  Since then I’ve picked up a few other instruments including harmonica, mountain dulcimer, djembe, melodica, and penny whistle. 


I remember the thrill of performing for the first time with a tight, rehearsed band. Even more thrilling was watching my son Andrew and his band “Low Flying Airplanes” as they were named “Maine’s band of the year” his senior year in high school.


So when Andrew asked me to provide music for a community-theater production he was in, I jumped at the chance.  Who would have imagined that this would eventually lead to the formation of “Onward,” a band that includes my son Andrew, his partner Kelly, my friend of 20+ years Paul, and good friends Henry and Chuck. 

My current and past projects include:

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